BGC 2024 Charity

A message from the Club Captain James R Collins:

My chosen charity is Billingham & Stockton Borough Council Foodbank. They are part of the Trussell Trust who provide their infrastructure, legal guidance and management support.

Myself and my family have supported this charity for many years, and I now have the opportunity, in my role as Club Captain, during the extremely challenging times for everyone, to be able to donate any funds raised from my term as Club Captain.

The foodbank was established as an independent charity on 1st April 2018 and has been a foodbank in Billingham since 2012.

The foodbank feeds those in crisis and operates on a referral system with over 200 agencies registered with them, these include Citizens Advice, Job Centre, Social Services, Doctors, Schools & many more. They provide three day's nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people. They have a small stock of clothing and household items which can also be issued on a referral system.

They do not receive central funding and rely on public giving, grants and fund raising and are very grateful to their community for their generosity.