BGC Dress Code

Members and Visitors are asked to follow the Dress Code below and organisers of visiting parties are requested to advise their guests accordingly


A reasonable standard of dress must be maintained at all times and the following are prohibited:

• Beachwear and football shirts
• Denim jeans, track suits or shell suits
• Training Shoes - only recognised golf shoes are allowed
• Players must not tuck their socks into their trousers, unless waterproof bottoms are worn
• Golfing attire shirts designed so, can be worn outside of trousers
• Caps must be worn with the peak at the front
• Tailored shorts are allowed
• Socks – plain coloured socks (knee, ankle or shoe) are allowed on the course. Socks must not be rolled down
• Ladies may wear cropped trousers or skirts
• Appropriate golf attire is allowed

The conservatory/balcony is a spike bar/halfway house and golfers may avail themselves of the facilities after 9 holes or after the completion of their round.


A reasonable standard of clean, smart casual clothing may be worn and the following points must be adhered to:

• T-shirts with non-offensive logo’s can be worn in the bar and conservatory and may be worn in or out of the waistband
• Sleeveless shirts can be worn by women
• Vests are not allowed
• Denim jeans are allowed, but jeans that are frayed, displaying holes or inappropriately worn are not allowed
• Soiled or damaged shoes are not allowed in the bar or lounge. Smart training shoes are allowed in the clubhouse.
• Tailored shorts are allowed in the lounge up until 7pm
• Open toed sandals are allowed, men must wear socks
• Tailored shirts may be worn outside trousers
• T-shirts are not allowed in the lounge, but appropriate golf attire is.